What is LSS?

What is London Social Science?

London Social Science (LSS) is a collaboration between two colleges of the federal University of London — Goldsmiths and Queen Mary. LSS is a Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) funded the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Nationally there are 21 DTCs that are eligible receive ESRC funding under this exciting initiative to train the next generation of social scientists.

Our Mission

We are committed to the highest standards in postgraduate education and, working together, we will raise even higher the standard of our postgraduate social science research training. We aim to widen opportunities for the entire social science cohort at both institutions and beyond. Much of the advanced interdisciplinary research training will also be open to students from other institutions.

Research at London Social Science

Research at LSS spans interdisciplinary social science with an emphasis on linking theory and practice: from world-class human and physical geography research to diverse investigations of psychobiological mechanisms underlying individual behaviour and cognition, as well as influences across cultures and the human lifespan; cutting-edge scholarship in media and communications theory and practice, including UK-leading research on linguistics, plus wide-ranging investigations of finance, economic theory, econometrics and applied economics, along with business and management research on corporate and ethical social responsibility. Our academics and doctoral students also engage in broad-ranging internationally-respected research in anthropology, cultural studies and sociology with a focus on human rights, the environment, culture and conflict, and social relations in a global society; these themes are echoed in the politics and law departments who work on conflicts, cultures and boundaries, international relations, justice, peace, equality and diversity.